Birthday Girl Asks for Shelter Supplies


GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A third grade student at Redwood Elementary School in Grants Pass is asking that friends who come to her birthday party Sunday not bring gifts for her.

Jackie Whittler is instead asking for friends to bring supplies for the Josephine County Animal Shelter, for her ninth birthday.

It’s the second year she’s used her birthday party as a fundraiser for the shelter, “When I sent out my invitations we put a wish list that they wanted, and so they know what they want, and they just go out and they get it and the bring it to us.”

“Then when my birthday party’s done we take it and go to the pound and give them the stuff that they need.”

Last year she says they gathered up more than a hundred rolls of paper towels, gallons of bleach for disinfectant, as well as dog and cat food and cash. If you’d like to donate, make your donations directly to the shelter in Merlin.