Birth Control Mandate Shot Down

hobblyWASHINGTON, D.C. — Closely held companies with religious objections cannot be forced to offer certain types of birth control coverage under President Obama’s healthcare law.

In a 5-4 vote Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that some for-profit corporations have religious rights. The high court considered appeals from the arts and crafts giant, Hobby Lobby, and a Pennsylvania cabinet maker. Both companies argued the mandate went against their religious beliefs and opposition to abortion.

Today’s decision came two years after justices narrowly upheld the Affordable Care Act. Opponents fear the decision in favor of Hobby Lobby could lead to other healthcare challenges on religious grounds.


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  1. wildriver says:

    …”Closely held companies”… , nothing like doing a half a job, just how ambiguous is “closely held”?

  2. Mark Scharff says:

    I’ll bet they don’t complain about Viagra coverage. Although Hobby Lobby must provide insurance, it should not have the right to decide what is and isn’t included in a workers individual plan. What if the employer feels that hospital coverage is against their beliefs, or serving someone who has green skin, or they have male pattern baldness? We hear stories about folks who have to die because that is what their church feels is right. It is a choice of the individual, not the employer.

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