Bill to Insure Immigrants on Road

SALEM, Ore. — More than $85 million comes out of the state budget every year to deal with car accidents caused by uninsured drivers.

Oregon lawmakers are hoping their bill will help alleviate some of that by insuring illegal immigrants. They introduced legislation Tuesday that would create a short-term driver’s license.

Drivers wouldn’t be able to get it without providing proof of legal U.S. residency. They would need to prove their identity, birthday, and prove they’ve lived in Oregon for at least a year.


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  1. drofnats says:

    unemployed residents should have to take the jobs that the illegal immigrants have been doing

  2. Milt says:

    That is discrination just cuz im a grengo and not a fuckin beanner i have to pay and they can get it free, im on disability fixed income and guess what i earned it no damn wonder the nation is going to hell we are slipping right into it. oh wait new name for us Northern Mexico.
    Yeah i know this would make print. Why is it we don’t get a chace to vote on this and we didn’t hear anything about this untill not I CALL BULL SHIT

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