Testing Pot for Patients’ Health

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Testing medicinal pot before it lands in the hands of patients could soon be required in Oregon.

House Bill 3460 would require all medicinal pot to be tested for harmful substances like mold, mildew and pesticides.

For patient Wes Robertson, he supports the bill. He relies on medical marijuana everyday. He has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder impacting the lungs and other organs.

“I wake up pretty much with pain and spastic. And then since my car wreck in 1980, I’ve had seizure disorder and brain stem injury,” said Robertson.

He gets his medicine at SONORML, but a few years ago he got it from growers he didn’t know.

“I’ve had issues where I went, ‘Whoa! Hey, this isn’t a good batch’. As far as them having it tested, I’m not sure if they’ve tested it personally,” explained Robertson.

Through House Bill 3460, patients like Robertson won’t have to worry. The bill would require testing on all medicinal pot. A standard SONORML already practices. The center sends its cannabis to testing lab in Portland. The only testing facility in southern Oregon, called “Oregon Green Lab” closed down.

House Bill 3460 doesn’t specify who would pay for the tests. Right now, SONORML absorbs the test costs for its patients. The Oregon House Committee will hold a public hearing next Monday to further discuss the bill.