Bill Proposes Pot Grow Restrictions

MEDFORD, Ore. — Local law enforcement is backing a bill to change Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program. The bill is pushing to limit how many growers are allowed to grow medicinal cannabis on any one property.

Medford Police Chief Tim George was in Salem to support House Bill 3055. He testified at a hearing at the start of the week. The bill’s goal is to limit the number of growers to just three per site.

Currently in Oregon, there is no limit to how many growers can be on one site. With House Bill 3055, three growers would be allowed to produce marijuana per site. The amount allowed would be a little over 70 plants.

Chief George says while he recognizes the medicinal use of marijuana, he believes the bill would also reduce the federal pot raids Southern Oregon has dealt with in the past.

“Now you’re getting into these large co-op grows, where multiple growers, multiple sites, growing way more than they’re allowed to grow. And selling that marijuana on the black market. That’s what’s happening,” said George.

NewsWatch12 also spoke with SONORML, an advocate for medicinal pot. The executive director says the cannabis community says the bill is a step backwards for the program. She says it further limits a patient’s ability to get their medicine.

House Bill 3055 also aims to limit growers from producing medical marijuana a thousand feet from a school.