Bikers Hold Easter Event for Foster Kids

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Apparently the Easter Bunny is real, and he hangs out with a pretty tough crowd.

On Saturday, the Freebird Motorcycle Club and its big-eared celebrity friend handed out Easter gift baskets to roughly 170 foster children. The Freebirds handmade each basket, personalized them, and filled them with goodies.

“Easter eggs, candy, stuffed animals, color books, toys, whatever we can get,” said Brian Maxwell, the President of the motorcycle club.

The Jackson County Foster Parent Association takes care of the kids. For many, it’s their first Easter celebration.

“A lot of these kids, this is the first Easter event they have because the families they come from, they don’t have the funds or the desire sometimes,” said Rob Holmbeck, President of the Foster Parent Association.

While a motorcycle clubs and foster children might not seem like an ideal match, the foster parents say it works out perfectly.

“The kids love the noise, they love the motorcycles,” said Holmbeck. “And the motorcycle guys are awesome, putting it all together for us.”

The bikers say spending time with the kids is just as special for them.

“Oh I enjoy it,” said Maxwell. “It’s heart-wrenching handing out those baskets and seeing how happy the kids are when they get a basket.”

They also say they hope it will change a few stereotypes.

“Bikers aren’t bad people,” said Maxwell. “And we like to give back to our community and do what we can.”