Bike Thief Caught On Camera

MEDFORD,Ore. — Fifty five bicycles have been stolen in the last three months, which is what’s been reported to Medford Police.

One man is taking matters into his own hands and offering up a reward for information on the thief, he caught on camera. After riding it to work in Medford every day, Keith Shirley locked up his bicycle right outside his office at ‘Medical Eye Center’.

Just days ago, he walked outside to find the lock and chain broken and his bike gone. Eleven different cameras caught the thief walking into the building, in the lobby, and finally in front of the bicycle cutting the chain.

“I just spent 300 dollars on it to recondition it completely, paint, wheels, tires, everything gearing what have you. So it was a real let down, I really enjoyed that bike,” Shirley.

The Medford Police Department is reminding residents about the free bike registration program offered by the city of Medford. People can register their bike, at no cost to them, ensuring the serial number will be recorded. As for Shirley is offering a $100 reward for any information that can lead to the recovery of his bicycle.