Big Year Expected For Wine Industry

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Rogue Valley wineries are getting ready for the rush of tourist season, and experts are saying this year could be a big one.

Local wine-growers say that both the demand for wine and quality of wine have gotten better every year, and that business has never been better. Dr. Greg Jones, a wine climatologist at Southern Oregon University, cites climate change as one reason, saying that growing season is much less risky now than it was thirty or forty years ago.

“We would end up having 1, 2 good years out of 10. Today, we’re at the framework of having 8 or 9 good years out of 10,” Dr. Jones explained.

Dr. Jones says that he expects wine production here in the Rogue Valley to continue to improve. He also says rising land prices in areas like Napa and Sonoma Valley, could attract more wineries here in the future.