Big Windy Evaluation Report

BIG WINDYROGUE RIVER, Ore. — An environmental group is doing their own evaluation on the Big Windy fire.

The fire burnt nearly 29,000 acres along Bear Creek Road and the Rogue River last summer.  The report includes information about the fire effects and fire behavior as well as an examination on the environmental impacts to the area.

Big Windy was started by three separate lightning fires on July 26, 2013. Fire crews worked for nearly two months putting the fire out.

“As far as Big Windy, at least from our stand point I think things went pretty well,” said Brian Ballou, Oregon Department of Forestry fire prevention specialist.  “We knew it was going to be a pretty significant fire as far as size and complexity and cost. It was evident within the first week.”

It cost $36 million to fight Big Windy, and those expenses were paid for by the state of Oregon.

Read the full report here.