Big Storm Hitting Brookings

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BROOKINGS, Ore. — It is the second wettest September on record. The first big storm of the season is hitting the coast of Brookings.

Brookings residents say this is just regular weather for the coast. Most residents NewsWatch12 spoke with say they are not taking any special preparations in lieu the big storm.

“Just buckled down, set my DVR in case the power goes out I have some movies to watch on my laptop or whatever,” said Brookings resident Ricky Rienecker.

Some people were even out walking along the coast during the storm despite the rain and wind.

“I don’t like it but it’s nice…it’s just the ocean, the beach, but it’s cool,” said another resident, Ricky Rienecker.

Businesses say their biggest worry is a power outage, and they are prepared just in case. For the most part, residents seemed to be enjoying the first being storm, coming out to the pier and savoring the view of the monstrous waves rolling in. The storm is expected to last through Sunday.