Big Game Means Big Business

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The pizzas are packed up, the gas tank is filled up and Abby’s Legendary Pizza driver Len Burmeister is fired up and ready to for the chaos Super Bowl Sunday brings.

“Timed orders. ‘I’d like it for half time.’ It seems we have 30 people normally that have delivery at half time and today we’ll have two or three drivers out,” said Burmeister who was delivering on his 6th Super Bowl Sunday.

Burmeister said this day is right up there with Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving as the busiest days of the year. He said preparations are made to make sure the pizzas are hot and right on time, every time.

“You stagger your schedule so at peak hours you have the right people at the right time,” said Burmeister.

Back at the restaurant, manager Muriel Steffenson said preparing ingredients is the first thing tackled on a busy day.

“It starts early in the morning and we prepare pizzas, we get our stations ready,” said Steffenson.

Steffenson expects the phones to continuously ring throughout the day, which means having a full crew on staff is essential for peak days.

“I kind of had it in the back of my head before, a month and a half or two before it came,” said Steffenson.

Burmeister knew he would have dozens of deliveries with multiple pizzas per order. Although that may lead to a big pay day with tips, he said that’s the last thing he thinks about.

“I keep my customers happy. Because I’m the last person they have contact with on their order and if they’re happy, they’ve been provided with good service, they’re loyal,” said Burmeister.

Steffenson said they expect to sell around 200 pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday, about double what a usual Sunday brings.