Big Changes at the YMCA

YMCAMEDFORD, Ore. — Strike or no strike Medford parents and students can continue to count on the current athletics calendar.

High school basketball, swimming and wrestling are all staying on schedule, but middle school sports games and practices would shut down. There are also big changes in store for youth sports grades one through six for Medford and Eagle Point teams.

The Rogue Valley YMCA would have to cancel its activities, but more than a thousand families have kids in the YMCA’s after school programs. YMCA employees go to the schools and sit with kids to do homework and snacks, but with the closures and changes in scheduling that won’t be possible inside the schools. Instead, parents will have to arrange transportation for kids to get the services at the YMCA downtown.

“This situation is frustrating for everybody and we hope that everyone can come to good conclusion quickly because there is a lot of uncertainty that we are hearing from the families and the kids,” said Executive Director Brad Russell.