Beer Week Enjoys Blowout Year

6-15 beer weekMEDFORD, Ore. – Beer Week just ended but already signs are pointing to a blowout year for the festival.

The week-long celebration of craftsmanship is made up of completely separate events, but each of those event organizers pays advertising dollars to be marketed as part of Beer Week.

Beer Week co-organizer Chris Dennett says that advertising revenue goes up every year, but this year it leapt up about 50%. They also sold more glasses than in any previous year.

Dennett says while that growth may not always be so steep, it is expected to continue for years.

“Certainly there’s going to be a point at which there’s an upper limit, so I don’t think we’ll see that growth every single year,” said Dennett. “But I think we’ll still continue to see growth over the next few years.”

Dennett says those advertising dollars are an indication of how much value bars and brewers get from the week. Beerworks, for example, doubled their business compared to a typical week in early summer.