Beer Distributors Help Grow Business

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The craft beer industry is booming in Oregon and many Southern Oregon breweries have found success among their customers, but they would still like to expand that base even more, which is why they often turn to local beer distributors.

A recent report from the National Beer Wholesalers Association highlights the economic impact beer distributors have on Oregon. The report shows more nearly $363 million and more than two thousand jobs are a generated as a direct result of beer distribution.

The impact of distributors goes beyond the delivery trucks. The distributors connect the breweries to retailers, which likely means more customers. That increased availability of craft beers is one thing breweries depend on to expand business.

“They go into these other markets where they have relationships that they’ve built on premises accounts and essentially they then talk to those people and make sure that the beers get to the public,” explained the Co-Owner of Beerworks, Chris Dennett.

A local beer retailer says small brewers might feel overwhelmed if they had to self-distribute, which could take some of the focus away from brewing high quality beer.

Retailers believe everyone wins when distributors are involved, customers get more products and it leads to a healthy beer market and better beer for the consumer. Local retailers say about half a dozen craft breweries have been popping up every year in Southern Oregon and that trend could continue to grow.