Beaver Fire Grows With More Evacuations

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KLAMATH RIVER, Calif. — The Beaver Fire is moving closer to the Oregon border, and is now burning on more than 15,000 acres on Wednesday night.┬áThat number has tripled from an estimated 5,000 acres on Monday.

Fire officials say the reason the fire activity has picked up is the strong winds and thunderstorm activity in the area making the flames harder to control. Thick smoke has also settled in the Klamath National Forest, which fire fighters say both help and hinder the containment.

“On the help side, we’re seeing that smoke inversion preventing thunderstorms from popping up over the area and bringing those erratic winds and erratic weather patterns over what we are trying to protect right now. but on the other hand, that inversion layer and the heavy smoke that we see is preventing any kind of aerial resources from really getting into the fire,” said Corey Wilford with Northern California Incident Management.

Firefighters are focusing on structure protection, and report than no structures have been lost in the beaver fire. The fire is only five percent contained.

An evacuation advisory has been issued for residents along Highway 96 in the town of Klamath River from Lumgrey Creek to Doggett Creek and on Beaver Creek Road.

Hwy 96 is open to local residents only near the fire area; however, residents should be aware that Hwy 96 may be closed at any time to provide for public and firefighter safety.

Only some of the residents under that advisory have chosen to leave.