Beaver Fire Evacuations And Danger

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NEAR KLAMATH RIVER, Calif. —  The Beaver Fire is now nearly 29 thousand acres, and has grown nearly four thousand acres in the last 24 hours.

Thunderstorms and strong wings have increased fire activity, and even hindered crews’ abilities to fight the fire.

After a storm blew into the area in the Klamath National Forest on Monday night, three fire fighters were trapped and had to take cover in fire shelters. A fire shelter is a blanket-like cover that firefighters use as a last resort to protect themselves from intense heat of nearby fire. In this case, the fire shelters were successful and all three firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation at a nearby hospital. One was also treated for second degree burns on his calf.

Evacuation Information: A mandatory evacuation is in effect for residents of Horse Creek, Middle Creek, Brown Bear, and Kohl Creek. This is for residents along Highway 96 from Doggett Creek to Horse Creek Road. All previously issued evacuation advisories (Lumgrey Creek to Doggett Creek) remain in effect. An evacuation shelter at the Scott Valley Junior High School at 237 Butte Street in Fort Jones, California, is now open for those who have been displaced. Please call the Sheriff’s Office or the Beaver Fire information line at (530) 331-0737 for current evacuation status.

Additionally, anyone in the vicinity of a fire should be aware of hazard trees, falling rocks that could enter roadways, and smoky conditions.  Those with respiratory issues should limit their time and activity level outdoors.


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