Beaver Complex Contains OR Gulch Fire

pytcSOUTHWEST, Ore. — Greeensprings Fire is reporting that one home on South Copco Road was destroyed by the Oregon Gulch Fire and 170 homes remain threatened.

The Oregon Department of Forestry released an update Friday that states what’s being called The Beaver Complex now consists of the Salt Creek Fire and the Oregon Gulch Fire. The Oregon Gulch Fire grew rapidly and is now estimated at 11,000 acres. The Salt Creek Fire grew very little overnight and is currently at 108 acres.

Both fires were caused by lightning from thunderstorms that moved through the area over the last few days. ODF reports that due to the complexity of the Oregon Gulch Fire, a unified command management structure with Oregon Department of Forestry, CAL Fire and Oregon State Fire Marshall’s office will be established.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office issued a Level 3 evacuation order Thursday evening for homes near Oregon Gulch Fire, specifically near Copco Rd. the 6,000 block to the Oregon border.

Below is information released from the Oregon Department of Forestry on these two fires.

Salt Creek Fire

The east side of the fire has been lined using a bulldozer. Also, hose used to transport water to the fireline will be installed and mop up will begin.  The west side of the fire is more problematic for fire personnel due to the steep terrain, making it difficult for personnel to work along the fireline directly.  Roads near the west side of the fire will be cleared to help create better access.

Oregon Gulch Fire

This fire was integrated into Beaver Complex yesterday afternoon.  The fire is burning in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.  The fire grew rapidly, crossing into Klamath County in Oregon and crossing over the Oregon-California border early last evening.  Resource advisors from Bureau of Land Management have been dispatched to the fire to assist with minimizing the effects of fire suppression activity within the Monument.  Fire growth is expected to move in a southeast direction.  The number of structures threatened is 170.  Multiple outbuildings were destroyed.  Fire personnel from California, Bureau of Land Management, and various structural fire departments are assisting with fire suppression and structural protection.