Bear Camp Road Open for Travel

NEAR GALICE, Ore. — A private contractor wanting to move machinery from the Rogue valley to Gold Beach has helped open Bear Camp Road slightly sooner than expected.

The U.S. Forest Service was waiting on the sun to help melt more snow before finishing plowing parts of that rural road.

Wednesday, they announced that because of the warm weather, Forest Service Crews and that private Gold Beach area contractor have officially cleared the way for Bear Camp Road to be open for travel.


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  1. Dan Johnson says:

    We take the bear camp rd. when ever we go to gold beach we love this road we`re it`s now we`re planning a trip to gold beach in july

  2. Gary Hyde says:

    Bear Camp road is responsible for a good deal of commerce on both sides of the mountain, people from the coast come to shop in the valley, and people from the valley come to the coast for recreation. It is a win, win or both communities. and quite easily documented by using zip code surveys at checkout stands, now that the computer age is upon us it is simple enough.

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