Bear Bites Hunter Near Shady Cove

NEAR SHADY COVE, Ore. – Two hunters are recovering after a bear they thought they’d killed near Shady Cove regained consciousness as it was being dragged out of the woods and bit one of the men.

Only one hunter was injured and at last report he was sitting up and talking as Mercy Flights crews prepared to transport him to Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.

Due to the remote location of the hunters, it took search and rescue crews and Mercy Flights quite a while to track down the injured hunter in the midst of all the trees. The bear has now been confirmed dead.


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  1. milt says:

    Not funny but lol now this will be a great story to tell the kids and grandkids
    but im sure his buddies will probably be worse then the bite. lol
    Good Luck

  2. jb says:

    “The Bear has Now been confirmed Dead”???? Are You SURE????, They must have thought the same thing…LoL….Feel sorry for the guy, but I guess the bear wasn’t going down with out a fight…..

    1. Hammer says:

      bear wasn’t going down without a bite….

    2. asdrel says:

      I feel more sorry for the bear. It was just out in the woods minding its own business when it was attacked without provocation.

  3. Pf says:

    Poor BEAR! Is it legal to hunt them in OR? The bear was only trying to defend itslef:(

    1. 1moreGI says:

      I am not sure if it is legal to hunt them in OR, my google is broke

      1. Colton says:

        Black Bears are not endagered so in some places you can hunt them.

  4. DAHN LEE says:

    ZOMBIE BEAR ATTACKS MAN!!!! Film at 11~

  5. Sharon009 says:

    Way to go Bear! Wouldn’t hunting be much more interesting if the animals also had weapons? Now to the weekend news… The deer opener totals are… 58 deer killed, 28 humans killed.

  6. Dudley Fish says:


  7. Joe says:

    Bears are known for this. They look dead but come back for one last attack. Story is they play dead and then wait for hunter to get close enough and then grrrrr! chomp!!!!

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