Bear Bite Victim Speaks Out

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The hunter who was bitten by a bear is speaking for the first time. That hunter and his friend had shot the bear on Thursday, then when he went to check if it was dead, the animal attacked. He’s now recovering from multiple bites and other injuries. The hunter says his friend saved his life.

Alex Machado was deer hunting with his friend Nathan Shinn off Elk Creek Road in Trail. Instead, they found a 600 pound black bear; they shot it, tracked it, and thought it was dead, but the bear popped up, charged Machado, tackled him, and began to bite him.

Machado says the bear bit him in the right arm and hand, and on the upper thigh. He and the animal them fell down an embankment, and the bear landed on top of him. Machado says the only thing he could do was wrap his arms around the bear’s neck, and screamed for Shinn to shoot.

Shinn took aim, and was able to kill the animal, and helped treat Machado’s injuries while calling for help on his cell phone. A short time later, Machado walked toward Elk Creek Road and found a Jackson County Sheriff’s Lieutenant. Machado says there may have been a different outcome if his friend was not there.

Machado was transported to Rogue Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and released last night. He says he is doing well, and is recovering at home. Shinn and his family retrieved the bear’s carcass earlier today, to report the kill to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.


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  1. Neal says:

    Didn’t he attack the bear first?

  2. Tami says:

    ^^Heartless people!

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