BCS Commissioners Approve Playoff Format

The college football landscape is in the middle of a huge overhaul, mainly with conference realignment. The change that many fans want to see, is how a national champion is determined. On Wednesday, the NCAA took one step closer to having a college football playoff.

The commissioners of the six BCS conferences met for nearly four hours Wednesday and reached a consensus for a four-team seeded playoff. The commissioners will now need approval from the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee.

If it’s approved, the four-team playoff system will begin in the 2014 season. The playoff will work within the framework of the current bowl system. The two semifinal games will be played as a part of the existing BCS bowl games. The site of the championship game would be bid on by cities, much like it is for the super bowl.

The conference commissioners wouldn’t provide much more detail than that, but ESPN reports that there will be a selection committee that will pick the four teams in the playoff. The committee will make its decision based off of criteria like strength of schedule and conference championships.