Bath Salt Use On The Rise

MEDFORD, Ore. – The family of a Talent man who died last week in police custody said he may have been on bath salts. As of Monday evening, there was no confirmation that this could be the case and the toxicology results are still not in.

Medford Police state it can be difficult to test for bath salts because there are many chemical combinations that can create the drug, however only few are known and can be revealed through testing.

Bath salts are classified as a stimulant that can raise body temperature, increase strength and pain tolerance. Police say in their purist form, bath salts are liquid. The liquid can then be sprayed onto anything that can be consumed or smoked such as marijuana. Medford Police Sergeant Kevin Walruff says there are common characteristics in cases where bath salts are involved.

“People taking their clothes off, and being very agitated, and very sweaty and having absolutely no pain tolerance,” explained Sergeant Walruff. “Which creates a lot of problems with law enforcement handling them, and getting them taken care of, and secured without anybody getting hurt.”

Sergeant Walruff also said cases involving bath salts are on the rise, especially in the past year. Also on the rise is the use of synthetic canabinoids such as “spice”, which are sold as incense and specify that they are not for human consumption.