Fire at Barney’s Burger Ruled Arson

Barney'sMEDFORD, Ore – First investigators believe an early morning fire at a restaurant is the handy-work of an arsonist.

Around 12:30 a.m., fire crews responded to Barney’s Burger restaurant on Riverside Avenue. Crews quickly contained the flames. Medford police discovered an empty cash register.

Officers do not believe this is not same arsonist who is lighting house fires around the south-west Medford area.

They say the motive with the restaurant fire could have been to destroy evidence after a burglary or someone who was upset with the business.

This fire at Barney’s Burger makes it the 44th arson fire in Medford since February 2012.

There have been 12 reported arson house fires in the south-west Medford area since April 2012.