Ballot Turn-out Low This Election

Oregon ElectionsMEDFORD, Ore. — Voters only have a few hours left to drop off their ballots and cast their votes on items ranging from public safety levies to school board races. So far, elections officials say the turnout has been low, and they say they are not surprised.

Jackson County elections officials say it’s a drastic difference today compared to last fall’s general election. The line of cars in front of the ballot drop-off is not as long, and the elections office has been less busy.

They say that’s what was expected in a special election in Jackson County, but in other places with more at stake, the returns continue to climb.

In Josephine County, about 45 percent of ballots have been returned. The county has another attempt at a public safety tax levy on its ballot, which would increase property taxes to help fund the sheriff’s office, jail, district attorney and other departments.

A similar measure is on the ballot in Curry County, which has seen more than 43 percent of ballots returned so far. In Jackson County, the turnout is 16 percent, which the clerk says is expected without a major money measure

“This is very typically in the district’s election that we’re in. We run in a four year election cycle, and taking a look back, a snapshot back at some of the prior elections, this is a pretty common turnout for this type of election,” explained Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker.

Klamath County says it has seen 36 percent of its ballots returned so far on Election Day. It’s too late to mail in your ballot, so you will need to drop it off. Click here for a list of drop-off sites.