Ballot Measures Discussed in Jackson Co.

Ballots MEDFORD, Ore. — While ballots for this November’s lone measure have been sent out, two other measures are hoping to make May’s ballot.

Two separate ballot measures need approval from cities in Jackson County to be placed on the ballot. Both libraries and the Oregon State University Extension Offices have had their funding cut by the county and are now turning to tax districts for help.

Jackson County commissioners have placed the measures on the May ballot by initiative, now each of the 11 cities must decide to allow the measures to go before voters in May.

If a city should decide against placing the library measure on the ballot and if that measure were to go on to be approved in the May election, that city’s library would close. OSU Extension officials say a similar situation would happen with the ballot measure focused on their funding.

The library ballot measure would charge Jackson County residents 60 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value. Extension service officials say 9 out of 11 cities have approved giving the option to the voters.