Ballot Measure Begins Open Primaries

ballot counting

MEDFORD, Ore. – A newly-approved ballot measure in Oregon could soon drastically change the way the state votes.

The Secretary of State’s office has verified the signatures on a petition to hold open primary elections. That means any voter — democrat, republic, independent, or non-affiliated — will get to vote on any candidate.

The measure also specifies that the top two candidates go on to the general election, regardless of their party affiliation.

“You could very well see two democrats moving on in any particular race, two republicans moving on in any particular race, or two non-affiliated or other political party candidates moving on,” said Jackson County Elections Clerk Chris Walker.

This measure, which appears on the ballot in November, is based on a similar measure in California that was voted in two years ago and will be implemented for the first time this year. Washington also has a similar open primary system.

The Oregon Association of County Clerks will meet in mid-August to discuss what this ballot measure could mean for local elections.