Bait Bike Leads to Arrest

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Even with snow and ice on the ground, Ashland resident Tyler Lacy depends on his bike to get around town. With his own bike down for maintenance, a friend has loaned him some wheels.

“It was one of his. What was it his second favorite? Yeah second favorite bike,” said Lacy.

Lacy keeps a close eye on his friend’s bike and for good reason. Ashland Police report bike theft is the most common theft in the city and has been on the rise in the past year.

“We are trying to deter bike thefts in our city because it is a problem, we have a lot of bike thefts,” said Ashland Police Deputy Chief Corey Falls.

Current bike theft stats weren’t available, but police say the problem had become so common, the department purchased a bait bike device they attach to bikes. Those are then left along bike racks in the city and is a tempting target for thieves.

“When someone takes it or moves the bike, it activates the GPS and alerts us and we’re able to track it live time,” said Deputy Chief Falls.

That’s exactly what happened Wednesday night to Judith Thorndike and her two adult children, Anna and Trevor. An alert came to police that the bike had been moved from its location near Siskiyou Boulevard and Wightman. When police caught up, the bike was loaded onto a bike rack on the car along with another stolen bike. Each member of the family was charged with first degree theft.

Lacy said he learned his lesson when he was in school in Sacramento and said it all comes down to where you leave it and how you lock it.

“During high school I had multiple bikes stolen from  there, so from having bikes stolen from me, this is the  best lock I’ve had so far, so that’s how I always keep  it. I always lock it up,” said Lacy.