Autopsy Completed For Joseph Vavrosky

MEDFORD, Ore. — An autopsy has been completed for the Medford man who died while in police custody earlier this week, but there are no new clues as to why Joseph Vavrosky died.

On Friday, the Deputy State Medical Examiner announced an autopsy showed no apparent cause of death for Vavrosky. On Tuesday night, police said Vavrosky fled from his car when they tried to pull him over.

Vavrosky was later found in bushes near the Greenway. Police arrested him, but shortly after that, Vavrosky collapsed and died. Toxicology results are still pending and will take between 6 to 8 weeks.


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  1. ag says:


  2. AG is lame says:

    what a freak, makes me wonder why he was running in the first place!!!!

  3. "E" says:

    Cant hurt anymore bro! You know you are going to heaven cause you have already spent your time in hell. We love you and are right here with us kid!!!!XOXOXOXOXOX naw mean :)

  4. veluxx says:

    Hadn’t the police tazed him before he collapsed and died?

  5. Phil in Oregon says:

    I’m no coroner, but when he stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating, that would be a cause of death, right?

  6. Danny bee says:

    Yayaya …onceagain im here to tell you JoJo dontdrop dead from a ten minute foot chase.I my curiousity is more pointed toward what didthey do to him in the Bush ..you the only one part that did.tmake the news clip..got the whole thing on tape except them finding him in the Bush got footage of them abulance them working on him got footage of the chase ..but nothing in between ..if they get away with this or should o say when they get away with..cuz how conveintthier own coroners office cant figure out why he died…anyway myopinion they were pissed that he shook them and there tasers so when thdy found them they turned them up and hit him with several tasers for too long …that makes the most sense of this event

  7. teambee inc. says:

    Hey again is lame why don’t you watch your mouth about someone you nothing about someone…..ignorant ……do you think before you let words fall out you dumb mouth before…the ones who are freaks are the medford p d who think they can kill and sweep it under the rug ..important here to tell you that isn’t going to happen this time ….he was way too loved by way too many ..to not get answers ……

  8. tracalina says:

    I hope someone does investigate because what Danny bee says makes a whole lot of sense
    JoJo was extremely fit.

    AG lame, your ignorant and should keep your ignorant mouth shut.
    JoJo was an amazing person inside and out, Addictions are addictions, alcoholics cant help being alcoholics the same way others get addicted to other substances.

    I knew JoJo back in the nineties and we all loved and cared for him so very much.
    I am heartbroken and I am sending out huge amounts of love to the friends and family of JoJo and lots of love and prayers to his children.

    I hope heaven has a special place for JoJo and his uniqueness
    Love you so much sweetie, rest in peace and I hope in eternity your showered with love love love.

    Please news team , dig into this and dont let police brutality win.

    He only ran because he always ran when he was scared. He was only human.

  9. reality says:

    Ran because he was scared? What a bunch of crap. He ran because he was a criminal and didn’t want to get caught. Society is better off without him

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