Auto-Igniting Rags Start House Fire

9-29 jbo phoenix house firePHOENIX, Ore. – Firefighters are urging caution among homeowners after a do-it-yourself project started a small fire in Phoenix.

Fire District Five responded to the fire Saturday.

It did minimal damage to the house, but it was apparently caused by chemical soaked rags that auto-ignited.

Fire officials say some chemicals like wood stains, paints, and oils are known to spontaneously combust when they aren’t cleaned up properly or allowed time to dry.

“Over the past few years we’ve had a few structure fires where we’ve been able to go back and that’s been the cause of it,” said Captain Aaron Bustard. “Usually with pretty horrible results.”

Fire officials say they tend to see more of these fires as the cold, wet weather makes it harder to store things outdoors.

They warn it’s better to leave rags out in the rain than to put property at risk.