Autism Behavior Seminar Held for Parents

autism meetingMEDFORD, Ore. — Advocates for children with autism say it affects each child differently, and Monday night, parents and members of the community learned ways to identify triggers that may cause those children to experience an episode or outburst.

The seminar was held at the Medford Library and hosted by Providence Hospital’s Swindells Resource Center.

Organizers said many children with autism may experience different sensory triggers that can cause challenging behavior. Monday’s meeting taught ways to help calm the children down, and find ways to help the children develop better behavior at home and in school.

“If you’ve seen one child  with autism, you’ve seen  one child with autism,  because all of them are  sensitive to different  things,” said Cathy Keesee with Swindells Resource Center. “They may respond  differently to different  situations.”

Officials said this is the third free meeting they’ve held for the public. They hope to continue holding more events to allow parents to connect with other families of children with autism.