Authorities See Increase In Drug Traffic

MEDFORD, Ore. — Authorities say drug trafficking in Jackson County is on the rise.

Homeland Security and Medford Drug and Gang Enforcement, or MADGE, are closing the books on a major bust last week in which two drug carriers were found with a combined twelve pounds of meth and four-and-a-half pounds of heroin.

They say those carriers were likely part of a sophisticated operation based on the quality of the drugs. They were also reportedly unaffiliated, which means it could be linked to two distinct trafficking operations.

“We’re seeing an increase in desire, demand for meth and for heroin and the impacts on our society are huge, both in thefts and drug addiction,” said MADGE Lt. Brett Johnson.

Johnson says that drug trafficking is a quote, cat-and-mouse game. Hey says when they change their tactics, so do traffickers.