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Chief Meteorologist Scott Lewis has called Southern Oregon home since NewsWatch12 first went on the air in 1985. During that time he earned professional certification from the National Weather Association, and successfully gained the coveted Broadcast Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society. He also developed a reputation for accurately predicting weather in the complicated region of microclimates in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Scott is actively involved in his community, volunteering his time by making frequent classroom visits and many other public appearances. He currently serves on the Leadership Committee for Children’s Miracle Network, has assisted local fund raising efforts for United Way, helped organize the annual Heart Walk for the American Heart Association, and recently served as Honorary Chairperson for the St. Vincent de Paul Society’s very successful “Beacon of Hope” campaign. Scott is a graduate of Oregon State University, but when pressed, admits to having also earned credit from the University of Oregon, among other schools. You can see Scott Monday through Thursday evenings on NewsWatch12.

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Scott’s Garden: Planting Bulbs

MEDFORD, Ore. — Daffodils are easy to plant and maintain. They are mostly resistant to deer and gophers. If you prefer tulips or other flowers that are a little more vulnerable, OSU Master Gardener Lauren Parker says you need wire lining in the ground. If you have any questions, here are the OSU Master Gardeners … Continue reading »

Clear tonight, Sunny tomorrow

  Tuesday morning is going to look and feel pretty familiar: cool morning temperatures, with sunshine on the way to warm things up again above average in most locations away from the coast.   High pressure is still in control over the Pacific Northwest. This will minimize cloud cover (again, away from the beach) and … Continue reading »

Scott’s Garden: Squash Harvest

MEDFORD, Ore. – Your summer squash is probably about done for the season, possibly like your desire to continue to eat it. You’ve probably had your fill of fresh squash, or maybe you’ve seen some at the market that you’re not quite sure how to prepare. With patty-pan squash, you can dehydrate, grill, or fill … Continue reading »

Fall Mornings, Summer Afternoons

The weekend is here, and so is the sun. We’re going to start out the morning with cool Fall temperatures, then feel the heat as daytime highs climb well above average for this time of year, resembling Summer in the afternoon. High pressure is again building over the Pacific Northwest. This will minimize cloud cover away from the … Continue reading »

Scott’s Garden: Pulling vs Cutting

MEDFORD, Ore. – If your zucchini, beans, or other plants are done producing for the summer, you’ll probably want to get them out of the garden. Pulling seasonal plants out of the ground might seem like an easy way to clean up your garden for fall, but it’s not the best option. The OSU Master … Continue reading »

Scott’s Garden: Shrubs

MEDFORD, Ore. — As we head into fall, there are still some plants you can grow in your garden that will benefit your cooking. Scott Lewis is out in the garden to tell us more about how to correctly plant woody shrubs, like rosemary and oregano.

Scott’s Garden: Deadheading

While flowers are beautiful to look at, they serve a very practical purpose. Plants produce flowers in order to make seeds for reproduction. Here’s a look at how removing those old blossoms can benefit your garden. The OSU Master Gardeners show us how to prolong flowering during the summer.

Scott’s Garden: Intensive Planting

MEDFORD, Ore. — A type of gardening, called “intensive planting”, requires healthy soil with good quality compost. If you plant vegetables closer together, you actually get more production from a small space and the result will be an abundance of vegetables for preservation. OSU Master Gardeners Hotlines Jackson County: 541-776-7371 Josephine County: 541-476-6613 Klamath County: … Continue reading »

Scott’s Garden: Neon Pumpkins

You probably want your jack-o-lantern to be bright orange, but the OSU Master Gardeners want it to be “neon” – the variety, that is. Neon pumpkins have a short growing season and can be grown either in a garden or in containers. Halloween is just about 2 months away and many people will plan to … Continue reading »

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