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Ron Brown anchors NewsWatch 12 This Morning. Ron was born in Klamath Falls and moved to Rogue Valley when he was five. He attended Gold Hill schools through eighth grade and graduated from Crater High School. Ron graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Radio and Television in 1972. After college Ron went into the military for three years. He spent 16 months in Vietnam and six months in Wuerzburg, Germany. In 1973 Ron married Judee Harding of Riverside, California who he met the summer before graduating. Ron and Judee have three children. The are all married and live in Utah and Iowa. In August 2007, Ron became a grandfather for the first time when his daughter and son-in-law welcomed their son Jakob in Iowa. Ron started his career in broadcasting in 1980 at KRWQ Radio in Gold Hill as the station’s newsman. He started at KDRV in March 1986. Ron has anchored Newswatch 12 This Morning since its first broadcast. After the news Ron covers stories across Southern Oregon and Northern California. Ron has traveled the world for stories covering things in Vietnam and Russia, where he’s gone three times. Ron enjoys history, working in the yard and traveling to visit family in Utah, Idaho, Southern California and Central Oregon. Ron lives in Gold Hill.

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Oregon Trails-1889 Crater Lake Trip

Alice Mullaly was inventorying items in the Southern Oregon Historical Society collection a few years ago when she came across a small journal written in August of 1889. It was written by Fletcher Linn who was the son of Rogue Valley pioneer David Linn. It chronicles the three week long trip from Jacksonville to Crater … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails-Big Floods

MEDFORD, Ore.–For most southern Oregon residents memories of the New Year’s Day Flood of 1997 is the most recent reminder of how warm rain on heavy wet snow can cause catastrophic flooding in our region. The really big storm and floods of Christmas 1964 set the standard for measuring how bad winter weather can be … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails-Highway 140

LAKEVIEW, Ore.–For 50 years, the primary road between Klamath Falls and Medford has been state highway 140. When it opened a half century ago, it largely replaced the 40 year old Greensprings highway. But that was only a portion of the highway that had been on the wish list for Oregon and Nevada officials for … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails-War Heroes

MEDFORD, Ore.-When Japanese forces attacked U.S. territory in Hawaii on December seventh, 1941, it caught most Americans by surprise. The attack was engineered by Japanese Admiral Isoru Yamamoto, making him the most wanted man in the world as far as U.S. forces were concerned. While the goal was to knock out the U.S. Pacific fleet, … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails-Trophy Train

MEDFORD, Ore.–World War One opened the eyes of millions of people to the horrors of modern warfare, with massive armies, tanks, gas attacks, and the first time the airplane was used as a tool of warfare. And it cost hundreds of millions of dollars and took millions of lives. To pay for that most countries, … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Prohibition

  Grants Pass, Ore.–The passage earlier this month of a statewide ballot measure legalizing recreational marijuana comes almost exactly a hundred years since the prohibition of alcohol.  Oregon was one of the first states to outlaw alcohol. But by the time Oregon voters got a chance to vote whether to outlaw alcoholic beverages, some southern … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails-Crack-in-the-Ground

CHRISTMAS VALLEY, Ore.–There are several  geologic features in the world where the ground seems to have just split open. But there are not many like this where you can explore the bottom of the crevass for the entire two mile length. This is called simply, “Crack-in-the-Ground.”          It was formed thousands of years ago when an … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails-1864 Treaty

FT. KLAMATH, Ore.–For what may be the first time in decades, Klamath tribal leaders and those interested in Klamath Basin history trekked to what is widely believed to be the grove of pines called “council grove.” This is the place where, on October 14th, 1864, U.S. government officials and chiefs from the Klamath, Modoc and … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: 1864 Treaty

(OREGON TRAILS) — It was 150 years ago today that a treaty was signed with Indians in what is now known as the Klamath Basin, impacting politics and relations to this day. Todd Kepple, manager of the Klamath County Museum, explains, “When the government first asked the Klamath tribes what land they felt they were entitled to, … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails-Josephine County Name

NEAR KERBY, Oregon–Crystal clear water babbles quietly down Josephine Creek, not far from the place where more than 160 years ago gold was first discovered on one of the largest tributaries of the Illinois river. And it was there that a California-bound immigrant family, including Virginia Josephine Rollins camped for a few months. Toni Webb … Continue reading »

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