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  1. Funding for DHS Hangs In The Balance — March 3, 2015
  2. Israeli PM Addressing Congress — March 3, 2015
  3. Israeli Prime Minister To Speak at AIPAC — March 2, 2015
  4. Suspected Boston Bomber Trial to Begin — March 2, 2015
  5. “Jihadi John” and Young ISIS Recruits — February 27, 2015

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Funding for DHS Hangs In The Balance

(CNN) — Congress has just days left to pass a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security. Last Friday, they voted to extend funding for another seven days, which runs out this Friday. Republicans and Democrats are fighting over whether the legislation should include a move to stop funding for the President’s executive actions on … Continue reading »

Israeli PM Addressing Congress

(ABC) Washington, D.C. — The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to speak before Congress Tuesday morning. His anticipated speech is exposing deep tensions because it came at the invitation of Congressional Republicans, who did not involve or inform The White House. Netanyahu sought to downplay the controversy during his first appearance before a … Continue reading »

Israeli Prime Minister To Speak at AIPAC

(CNN) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington Sunday night, ahead of Monday’s big speech. Netanyahu will urge congress to delay an upcoming deadline in the nuclear talks with Iran. The White House is more than miffed about the speech, both at Netanyahu for giving it and at House Speaker John Boehner for … Continue reading »

Suspected Boston Bomber Trial to Begin

(CNN) — The suspected Boston Marathon bomber will be tried in Boston this week. A Federal appeals court rejected a fourth request to move the trial of Dzokhar Tsarnaev to another city. The trial is expected to start Wednesday and could last well into June. Tsarnaev is accused of planning and carrying out a bombing … Continue reading »

“Jihadi John” and Young ISIS Recruits

(CNN) — The identity of the man in the beheading videos distributed by ISIS has been revealed. He is a 26-year old, college educated man from West London that has become widely known as “Jihadi John.” His real name is Mohammad Emwazi. His identity has been revealed this week, just as a series of young … Continue reading »

DHS Funding Expires At Midnight

(CNN) — Time is running out to make a decision on funding the Department of Homeland Security. Funding will expire midnight on Friday. Congressional Republicans want to tie the Department’s budget to overturning President Obama’s immigration actions. With the clock ticking, the House and Senate seem to be at an impasse with the White House … Continue reading »

22nd Anniversary of WTC Bombing

(CNN) — Eight years before the September 11th attacks, the World Trade Center was the target of a terrorist attack. It was on February 26th, in 1993 that a bomb went off inside of a truck parked in a garage beneath the World Trade Center.   Six people were killed and more than a thousand … Continue reading »

Man In ISIS Hostage Videos Identified

(CNN) — A man with a British accent seen in ISIS videos showing the beheading of Western hostages was identified early Thursday morning as Mohammed Emwazi. He is believed to be from West London. That’s according to the Reuters News Agency, citing the Washington Post and the BBC. It reported the identity of the man, … Continue reading »

President Vetos Keystone Pipeline

(CNN) — For the first time in five years, the President is exercising his veto power. President Obama rejected legislation that would have given final approval to the Keystone XL Pipeline. The planned pipeline would transport oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Republicans aren’t believed to have enough votes to override the veto. … Continue reading »

Verdict in “American Sniper” Trial

(CNN) — The Marine veteran who killed the “American Sniper” Chris Kyle has been found guilty and sentenced to life in prison by a Texas jury. Eddie Routh’s case has made headlines alongside the Bradley Cooper film depicting Kyle’s life story. The jury made a quick verdict late Tuesday. They said Routh knew what he … Continue reading »

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