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HealthWatch: Protecting New Drivers

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. – Teenagers just getting their drivers license worry many parents.  Statistics show it’s with good reason.  Car crashes are the leading cause of death for young people. The Journal of Adolescent Health published a series of articles aimed at helping reduce those deaths. The reports include: -training new drivers to improve attention control … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Smartphone Security

YONKERS, NY — Smartphone thefts are way up. Based on a just-released survey, Consumer Reports estimates the number of stolen phones nearly doubled in the past year to 3-point-1 million. More than a million smartphones were lost and never recovered. Consumer Reports’ says more than half of smart phone owners don’t secure phones with a … Continue reading »

Child Abuse Awareness in Southern Oregon

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Child Abuse Network, known as “CAN”, is hoping to raise awareness about the realities and prevalence of child abuse in southern Oregon. Today, people gathered in Alba Park for the 6th annual event that shares personal stories from local victims as a way to raise awareness. 565 pennies were placed along … Continue reading »

Child Abuse Recognition Class

MEDFORD, Ore. — April is Child Abuse Awareness month.  There were 69,096 reports of child abuse in Oregon last year. 30,850 of those cases were investigated.  6,332 were founded or confirmed cases, involving more than 10-thousand kids. 845 of those kids were in Jackson County. Experts say those numbers reinforce the importance of reporting suspected … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Alzheimer’s Risk in Women

STANFORD, Ore. — Researchers have new information about why women develop Alzheimer’s at a higher rate than men.  About 1 in 6 women will develop the disease, compared to 1 in 11 men.  It’s long been thought those numbers were because women live longer than men on average. But Michael Greicius, MD, assistant professor of … Continue reading »

Huddleston Guilty on All Counts

MEDFORD, Ore. — A Jackson County Jury says a Medford man is guilty on all counts.  Sentencing will be Thursday morning. Jury deliberations lasted more than seven hours before the verdict was handed down. Huddleston was found guilty of 10 counts, including murder, and solicitation to commit murder, for his efforts to hire two men … Continue reading »

Ashland Prepares for Plastic Bag Ban

ASHLAND, Ore. –  The Ashland City Council expects a plastic bag ban to become a reality in a matter of months. Last night, the council held the first reading on the issue. The second reading will happen at the next council meeting, and it’s expected to pass after that and become law. This ban would impact all stores and businesses … Continue reading »

Cinder Block Suspects Identified

CRESWELL, Ore. — A 16 and 17 year old have been identified as suspects in a cinder block being dropped off of Interstate 5 and onto a moving vehicle Sunday. Oregon State Police (OSP) received phone calls that led to identifying two juvenile males. A woman was injured inside the car. The lead OSP investigating … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: “Hangry” Fighting

Columbus, Ohio — While it is not  uncommon for married couples to argue, Ohio State University researchers say hunger could make the fighting worse. For 21 days, glucose levels were measured in 107 married couples. Then, participants competed against their spouse on a 25-trial task in which the winner blasted the loser with loud noise … Continue reading »

S. Oregon Business Faces BOLI Penalties

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Bureau of Labor and Industries says a southern Oregon company didn’t pay fair wages will be ineligible for public projects for 3 years. Hard Rock Concrete, Inc. must pay $13,600 in civil penalties for failing to pay workers fair wages. BOLI says “An earlier investigation found that Hard Rock Concrete Inc. … Continue reading »

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