Audio of Judge’s Comments Released

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The audio has been released of a Jackson County Judge’s remarks to a man convicted of child sexual abuse. Those comments from Judge Tim Barnack resulted in a censure by the Oregon Supreme Court last month.

Barnack’s comments came from a sentencing in January 2012. Judge Barnack’s censure stemmed from comments made to Richard Taylor, who was being sentenced to life in prison for sexually abusing two young boys.

As Taylor was being sentenced in Jackson County, court Judge Barnack asked if Taylor wanted to save his soul. He also said he thought the community may wonder why Taylor wasn’t wasn’t  “hanging from a tree”, and in the audio from that sentencing, we hear Barnack tell Taylor he hopes he rots in prison.

“I’ve seen the cells for people like you. They’re skinny, they’re small, and I think you get an hour of daylight. You will rot, and for what you did to these people, that’s where you should be,” Judge Tim Barnack is heard saying during the sentencing.

In February, the Oregon Supreme Court issued a censure for Judge Barnack, saying he crossed the line in court and had violated the judge’s code of conduct.

Barnack has since apologized for his actions, and acknowledged he lost control of his emotions that day. Court officials say the complaint was only based on the single incident, and not on any sort of pattern by Judge Barnack.


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  1. Ryan Cox says:

    I ****ing hate this judge. He told me “You have a no contact order ok?” I said “OK” He says “NO!!!! NOT JUST OK….YOU HAVE A NO CONTACT ORDER. DO YOU UNDERSTAND????” I said “Ya, I got it the first time” He continued to go off about the no contact order and how important it is that I understand that concept. “Ya…Your honor, I speak English…Calm down.”

    **** Barnack, I don’t want him in my town. He’s a disgrace to our community.
    Ryan Cox

  2. ted says:

    Why should the judge be punished when what he did was say what we all are thinking? The world is a sad place because of beasts like the one being sentenced, how can you be passive when dealing a monster like this?

  3. Ryan Cox says:

    “Losing his cool”
    He’s sent many to jail for “losing their cool”
    I vote this man out.

    Who’s with me?

  4. KC McDonald says:

    I applaud this judge. I don’t feel he should apologize for speaking the truth and nothing but the truth. Im sure the parents of these boys and any parent would have something more harsh to say. I am tired of people crying about the rights of these criminals and ignoring the rights of victims..

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