Attendance in Britt Season on Average Up

The Britt MEDFORD, Ore. — Southern Oregon’s most popular outdoor concert venue says the overall attendance on average were up this year compared to last year.

The director, Donna Briggs, says out of 35 concerns, overall attendance was nearly 61 thousand. She says compared to 2012, which had a similar attendance with over 37 concerts. Briggs says there were more main-stream country artists, which drew in more of a crowd this year. But she says the forest fires also negatively impacted a concert that moved inside. The move cost the Britt unexpected expenses and loss in ticket sales.

“During the classical seasons, the three weeks of classical it was a challenge but we met that challenge and actually, the classical season turned out terrific too,” explained Briggs.

The Britt be also announcing its new music director this week after more than 20 years.