Attempted Kidnapper Behind Bars

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Jiu jitsu and self defense instructor Pete Loncarevich hits the mat and practiced self defense moves with his daughter Madison Sunday afternoon.┬áLoncarevich said women take his classes for a variety of reasons but personal safety is usually a common theme.

“There’s a number of reasons why they come. Sometimes to build their confidence. Maybe they almost got into a physical confrontation and they realized they didn’t know how to defend themselves,” said self defense instructor Pete Loncarevich.

Luckily for three Medford women, their encounter with an attempted kidnapper didn’t get far. Medford police say they arrested 39 year-old Fidel Flores- Avalos on a charge of second degree attempted kidnapping.

“The first report that we had there was actual physical contact where he tried to grab a hold of the woman,” said Medford police Sgt. Kerry Curtis.

Each of the reported attempts occurred in the past week and all took place within blocks of each other. The last attempt took place Saturday evening and the victim was able to remember key details.

“Information lead us to his residence and our detectives conducted an interview and he was ultimately lodged on attempted kidnap charges,” said Sgt. Curtis.

Loncarevich says self defense comes down to two key things; Awareness and confidence.
“Pay attention to your surroundings when you are in parking lots or in dark places at night or early morning when there’s not too many people running around,” said Loncarevich.

Loncarevich says he teaches techniques that can out match any would be attacker no matter how much bigger or stronger he or she may be.

“When you can’t avoid the confrontation, that’s when self defense comes in,” said Loncarevich.