Attempted Bomber Gets 15 Years

ALAN MCVAY BOMBERMEDFORD, Ore.– The man who admitted to setting off a homemade bomb at the District Attorney’s Office last November, said he was sorry for what he had done. Alan McVay was sentenced to 15 years in prison, Monday.

McVay was given a chance to speak in court and said he never meant to hurt anyone. He said he gave a full confession to police once he was arrested.

Jackson County District Attorney, Beth Heckert, said the crime wasn’t just an attack on the district attorney’s office, but also the criminal justice system as a whole.

“I do really appreciate the Medford Police Department, the FBI, and all of the other federal agencies and police agencies that were involved in this case because they were really able to put a lot of resources into it and get the case solved fairly quickly.”

Heckert said the sentence sent a message of the severity of the crime.