Attack On Wildfires In Applegate Area

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APPLEGATE LAKE, Ore. — Lightning from Sunday’s storms brought dozens of crews out to multiple fires on Tuesday.

As many as 40 lightning strikes Sunday evening sparked 6 small wild fires in the Rogue River- Siskiyou National Forest near Applegate Lake. Of the six fires, the Hello Fire is the largest, burning between 10 and 15 acres, and the Lick Fire may be the most dangerous.

The Lick Fire is the only one of the six fires located outside of the Red Butte Wilderness. Officials say that it’s the one they are keeping a close eye on because the steep, rugged terrain has burning debris tumbling down the mountain, causing new fires.

Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Division Chief Gary Smith says dry lighting strikes are a common culprit for wild fires this time of year, there have been five helicopters based near the Applegate Lake dam.

The helicopter crews have been valuable in delivering crews directly to the secluded parts of the forest and also filling up buckets of water from Applegate Lake and dropping them on the fires. Officials say that being so close to a water source has been a big help in fighting the fires.