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“How can I become a Newswatch12 weather person?”
Alexus Bittinger
North Medford HS

Newswatch12 requires our weather team to not just be weather people but to be degreed meteorologists. This means you’ll have to go to college! My path to becoming a Newswatch12 weather person included going to UC Irvine for my B.S. degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences followed by earning my Master’s degree in Broadcast Meteorologist from Mississippi State University. While I was in school I had 4 weather and news related internships and with this experience was able to be chosen for a weekend weather position in Meridian, MS while I was still earning my degree. This gave me not only more practice but more on-air experience so that I was offered my position at Newswatch12 before I even graduated. Hard work and taking the extra steps are how you can earn a job in whatever career you desire and a passion for what you do will make you love that career…just like I do!