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“How do you know what you are pointing at in front of the green screen?”

Crosby L, Bellview Elementary

Crosby is just one of many people who wonder how meteorologists do the weather in front of the green wall. When standing in front of the green screen, we are able to see ourselves pretty much from all angles. Looking into the camera, instead of seeing words (like the news anchors do), we see ourselves ..but in front of our graphics.

Also, when turning to the left and right we also see ourselves from monitors that are off camera. Basically all of the monitors we have around us to look at, display exactly what you see on your television — us with our graphics. This allows us to get familiar with where our hand is pointing after becoming familiar with the wall and also the spacing of our graphics.

This is something that just comes with time. Because the wall is green, we are not able to wear green …or any colors that are a tealish, greenish color in resemblance. If this were the case, we’d appear as floating heads and hands!

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese

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  1. francis negles says:

    Ask the Meteorologist:
    We are getting very high amounts of aluminum, barium, and strontium in our snow and rain, and our spring water is showing aluminum, lead and arsenic and it never used to. The latest EPA lab test says 13,000 ppb of aluminum and 200 each of barium and strontium. Readings in the 100s are typical, but we think it should be zero.

    Can you tell us where this is coming from? We have no water treatment plants, and we don’t burn garbage. We think it is air pollution from china as it seems widespread in northern CA.

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