Ashland Woman Nearly Struck By Lightning

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ASHLAND, Ore. — The thunderstorms which moved through on Tuesday afternoon dropped 4,500 lighting strikes in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

One of those hit right in Ashland resident Anne Novina’s backyard. The strike left no scar or scorch mark, but Novina swears she saw the zig-zag pattern hit in the middle of her lawn just 25 feet from her second story sliding glass door. 

She happened to be standing at the door at that exact moment because her cat, Pricilla, was pawing and meowing to be let in.

“The noise was so incredibly loud, it was like an explosion, and so that coupled with the sight of this, bright, thing, was enough to be a little bit intimidating,” said Novina.

Novina says her whole body clenched up for a moment, and she does not know if that was from the lightning itself, or just a the fear and adrenaline.