Ashland Trains for Flu Outbreak

Ashland fluASHLAND, Ore. — Emergency responders and city leaders in Ashland are preparing now and practicing how to respond to a large-scale flu pandemic.

Those crews trained on how to set up an emergency operations center in Ashland and coordinate with police, fire, health officials, and others. Wednesday, the teams set up a simulation about what would happen during a flu outbreak, and the departments trained on what they would do in that situation.

Ashland Fire Chief John Karns said it allows them to work out any kinks and answer any questions during training before an actual emergency takes place.

“This is really the first time some of those questions have been asked,” Karns said. “And there’s a lot of discussion between state officials that are in the room, county and our local officials. It’s been some great dialogue.”

Karns said these crews hold simulations like this twice per year.