Ashland Suspect Charged In Car Break-Ins

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ASHLAND, Ore. – A suspect is facing charges after a series of car break ins in downtown Ashland lead police to arrest him. The drivers of 4 cars in Ashland woke up Friday morning to find their cars broken into; in some cases, windows were smashed in and property was stolen.

All of the break-ins occurred in close proximity to each other in downtown Ashland, including near the intersection of Pioneer Street and Lithia Way. Windows in at least 2 of the cars were smashed and police say the injuries the suspect suffered help lead to his arrest.

28-year-old Jason Dale Fonner, a transient man, has been charged with breaking into the cars and suffered injuries to his hand when he reached through the broken glass. Police say car break-ins do happen in Ashland, but are more common in residential neighborhoods where cars are left unlocked.

“Car break ins are a problem in Ashland. Car break-ins that involve a windows are smashed which happened in this case are not very prevalent in Ashland,” said Ashland Police Detective Sergeant Tighe O’Meara.

It may sounds obvious, but police recommend drivers roll up all windows of the car and never leave the car unlocked. Police also say keeping valuables out of sight can help discourage someone from breaking into your car.