Semi-Truck Accident Near Ashland

NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — Slick, snowy and slushy roads kept Oregon State Police busy responding to several reports of cars and trucks sliding off the freeways and highways.

With snow falling around 8:45 a.m., two semi-trucks went sliding on the southbound lanes of the Siskiyou Pass. Oregon State Police says the two did not crash and did not suffer any injuries.

Instead, the biggest impact was felt about four miles north, where the Oregon Department of Transportation closed down both southbound lanes of the I-5, bringing what would have been 65-mile-per-hour traffic to a complete standstill. With few options, dozens of travelers and truck drivers sat it out in their cars for about a half-hour.

Others got out of their cars looking for answers, but even for the stranded drivers from the Bay Area who are used to back-ups and the morning rush hour, this doesn’t compare. OSP says none of the incidents were serious, each involving only sliding vehicles.