Ashland Schools Begin Open Enrollment

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Students wanting to switch schools can do so once again. The Ashland School Board decided to go forward with open enrollment for the 2013-2014 school year.

District officials say last year, they saw about a hundred applications come through. This year they’ve received about 15 applications the day enrollment opened March 1st. The director of student services says most students transferred over because their parents worked in Ashland and it was convenient.

He says the largest interest came from district’s closest to Ashland like Phoenix-Talent School District. Phoenix school officials say since the open enrollment started it’s had little impact on their schools. The district saw several students who applied to Ashland School District come back to schools in Phoenix.

“They love their communities, they love their culture, and especially now with the internet, schools can pretty much offer just about anything to students. We have great connections with SOU and RCC,” Phoenix High School Principal Jani Hale.

Phoenix-Talent School District continues to have an inter-district transfer policy that’s where students must get district approval to transfer. Ashland School District officials are closing the application for open enrollment April 1st. For more information on applying or which spots are available by grade level, click here.