Ashland Restaurants Conserve Water

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Southern Oregon remains in a severe drought as a forecasted hot, dry summer approaches. The city of Ashland is urging people to conserve water, and restaurants are already starting to put restrictions in place.

Caldera brewery said it started making guests request water two months ago.  Since then it has seen about an 80 percent drop in water usage.  It said brewing beer takes lots of water, and every little drop saved, counts.

Meanwhile restaurants in the plaza downtown are also taking precautions.  Louie’s is also only offering water upon request.  It is also limiting its ice.

“A lot of people know about the drought in Ashland right now, and they are really cool about it, and if they do want water you know they are not pounding and pounding cups,” said Alexander Capozzoli, a server at Louie’s Restaurant.

Salame is still offering water to customers, but the water left over on tables or in pitchers at the end of the night is poured on plants outside to help them flourish in the drought conditions.

The city also posted signs around town urging residents to use water wisely.