Ashland Prepares Early for Fire Season

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ASHLAND, Ore. – This year’s fire season is expected to be severe prompting several local communities to get a head start on preparations.

Sunday, Ashland residents hauled in potential fire fuels to be safely discarded before the official start to fire season. It’s all a part of the city’s Firewise Clean-up Day. It’s a free convenient way for homeowners to get rid of yard waste that would otherwise present a fire hazard.

Ali True is the Ashland Fire and Rescue Firewise Communities Coordinator. At the event she explained that this year especially has the potential to be a significant fire season for most of Southern Oregon.

“We are surrounded by wild lands with the Rogue River, Siskiyou national forest, the BLM lands and even our county properties have a significant amount of wild land fuels. And we have the winds that can carry embers quite a long way in the summer, so we’re definitely in a part of the state that is at high risk for wildfire.”

True said the event is geared toward getting rid any extra fuel for potential wildfires, like dried twigs, leaves, grass, and certain extra flammable plants like juniper trees and shrubs.