Ashland Prepared If Dry Weather Lingers

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Dry weather has hit southern Oregon hard over the past several months and despite little snow or rain accumulating, City of Ashland officials said their reservoir has twice as much water coming in as going out.

High above the city, in the Ashland water shed, sits the main water source for the thousands of residents. Despite lingering dry conditions, there is no talks of any potential curtailment of water use –voluntary or otherwise.
At this point Reeder Reservoir is on track with its amount of water and any less use could cause flooding if heavy rains came in the spring. Officials said at this point, Reeder Reservoir and the several storage tanks have more than enough to supply the city for now.

“Our current flows are more than double what our use is right now. We’re almost 4 million gallons a day and we’re only using 1.3 million gallons a day so there’s no reason to be concerned today,” said Ashland public works director Mike Faught.

The last time the water action plan was put in effect was august of 2009 and Faught said Ashland residents met the goal of cutting back 20 percent of water use throughout the few weeks the curtailment lasted.

If the dry weather continues, a decision on any possible curtailment won’t happen until May 1st.